Later distribution.
For this edition of EUROBOL registrations for the following levels are accepted:
U13 (MINIS 4x4): Athletes born in ≥2005 U13 (MINIS 4x4): Athletes born in ≥ 2005
U14: Athletes born in ≥ 2004 U15: Athletes born in ≥ 2003
U15: Athletes born in ≥2003 U17: Athletes born in ≥ 2001
U16: Athletes born in ≥2002 U21: Athletes born in ≤ 1996
U17: Athletes born in ≥ 2001  
U21: Athletes born in ≤ 1996  
A maximum of 15 elements by delegation, including athletes, coaching staff and directors. In minivoleibol the delegation should be held by a maximum of 12 elements, including athletes (≥ 9) and technical team.
Bearing in mind that one of the fundamental goals of the tournament is to play, the competition system will be organized according to the number of teams entered by levels, in order to maximize the number of games per team. We aim to provide the teams the same level of competition the previous editions and a large number of games (6/7 games) throughout the tournament.

All matches will be played in door/pavilion, at the best of 3 sets (1st and 2nd sets until 25 points and the 3rd set required to play up to 15 points all with a 2 points difference). The final will be played at the best of 5 sets.

The tournament will run over three phases:

- 1st stage – Inter-groups - qualifying.

- 2nd stage - Crossings groups.

- 3rd stage – Scheduling / Semifinals / Finals.
Later distribution.
The EUROBOL2018 will take place in several pavilions in the city of Gondomar, namely in the Gondomar Multiuse Hall, Ala de Nun’Álvares de Gondomar pavilion among others to announce briefly. Travel during the competition will be carried out on foot or by bus depending on the distances between the pavilions. (Map of Eurobol_to be published shortly).
Pavilhão Multiusos de Gondomar  
Pavilhão Multiusos de Gondomar
(Av. Multiusos 4420-015 Gondomar)

Pavilhão Ala de Nun’Álvares de Gondomar
(R. Ala Nun’ Alvares 91 4420-014 Gondomar)

Pavilhão da Escola Secundária de Gondomar
(Largo Luís de Camões 4420-183 Gondomar)

Pavilhão do Colégio Paulo VI
(Av. General Humberto Delgado 201 4420-155 Gondomar)

Pavilhão do Municipal de Jovim
(Estrada Dom Miguel. 4510-040 Jovim)
The accommodation and meals during EUROBOL2018 will be available in schools in the city of Gondomar. The sleeping rooms will be at school class rooms; organization will provide the mattress / bunk. Each individual team member is responsible for bringing them sleeping bag. Teams may opt for meals provided by the organization at a school canteen or can use the recommended restaurants in town (special discounts available).

The tournament will start at 10:00 am on March 29th; thus, the delegations from outside the Greater Porto region may be lodged from March 28th, just inform the organization (we do not have meal service on this day).

The foreign teams may be lodged from March 26th (just inform the organization) and can depart on April 1st.